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Nowadays the range of products of SE "Meat of Bukovina" includes than 100 different items.


Such as sausages - boiled, semi-smoked, boiled, smoked, frankfurters, and specialties and meats from pork, beef and poultry. Technological experts of the production are constantly working on improvement and expanding the range. Particular attention is paid to the quality criteria of products.

The majority of products are produced in natural casing, and according to state approved standards that foresees usage of recipes with high volume of pure meat and absence of dyes. Surely, the final product made in accordance with these recipes costs more because when appropriate emphasis is put on strict adherence to standard products cannot be cheap. That's why the products produced by SE "Meat of Bukovina" are mainly aimed at costumers with good taste and towards the highest level of quality. Moreover, products delivery is done by specialised vehicles. In order to provide shops with fresh products the routes are done daily. The enterprise is constantly participating in exhibitions, fairs, where its products are in high demand and this demand keeps increasing because all the products are produced with devotion. Due to its delicious taste, high quality and wide range of available products there are a lot of loyal fans, the number of which keeps increasing. The enterprise pays a special attention to need and tastes of the consumers and is constantly involved in marketing activity and research of the demand of the population, conduction of degustation in order to receive a feedback from the consumer. SE "Meat of Bukovina" keeps developing and proving by example how a modern meat production has to operate in nowadays conditions.

60300, Chernivtsi reg., Novoselitsa, Promislova, 2

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